Because no senior should ever have to travel life's journey alone!

You are helping transform the lives of seniors, one need at a time!

100% of your contribution to the GOLDEN CROSS Senior Residents Fund goes directly to the benefit of the senior residents served.

Here is what happens when you support Golden Cross Senior Ministries…

Mr. B lost his home in the woods to a catastrophic fire. His cancer diagnosis left him with little financial recourse for adequate housing. Splitting his time between homeless shelters and couches of benevolent friends began to take a toll on his health and peace of mind.

He made his way to a Wesley Living community with a mattress, box springs and a few personal possessions. Golden Cross stepped in providing the necessary household items needed to turn his new found shelter into sanctuary. For the first time in years, Mr. B was able to sleep in his own bed, sit on his own chair in the quiet of his own home, place his clothing in his own private chest of drawers and choose what he wanted to eat prepared in his own kitchen. He expressed that he felt safe for the first time in a long time. His son also expressed to the housing staff that this was the first time he had seen his father smile in a long time.

That is what happens when you support of the ministry of Golden Cross Senior Ministries!

Want to help? Simply text seniors to 44321.


The “13 in 13 Challenge” – YOU DID IT!!!!

The 1st 2 Move in Kits were donated to the “13 in 13 Challenge” thanks to individual donations from Colliervile UMC. Then, we got the privilege to speak at a Wednesday evening BBQ dinner at First United Methodist Church in Covington, TN. We were blessed with 3 new Move In Kits. The mail arrived today with an unexpected 6th Move In Kit from the Men’s Club from Ripley First United Methodist Church of Ripley, TN.

Move In Kits keep coming! Individual donors have made a real difference in our total. In less than 2 weeks we are nearly at the goal that triggers the match! Move In Kits arrived over the weekend from Flatwoods UMC, Grimes UMC and the Janet Jennings Smith Bible Study class in Paducah, KY.

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for all you support! You surpassed the goal of 13 Move In Kits in little over 2 weeks. That means with The Durham Foundation’s challenge grant your 13 are now 26! Just think of all the homeless senior’s lives that will be transformed in the future because you cared enough to step in. Your service is critical because no senior should ever have to travel life’s journey alone.



Thank you Christ UMC for your unwavering support!