The baby doll

As residents walked into the community room for their Annual Christmas Bingo game, they spotted a table full of wonderful prizes purchased with donated funds from loving donors to the Golden Cross Senior Residents Fund. Among the bingo prizes were yummy treats, beautiful Christmas decorations and a brand new baby doll.

Each resident had their eye on something special on the table and one resident had her eye on the baby doll.

As the first game started, she watched everyone’s numbers carefully to make sure no one was going to win before she won the baby doll. All of the sudden, a voice called out “BINGO” and the resident watched as the baby doll was taken by the winner. Her face quickly showed her sadness.

The resident, who won the baby doll, went to the lady and took her hand and said “I don’t have much to give for Christmas, but you are my friend. I know how much this baby doll would mean to you, so I want to give it to you.” The lady’s smile quickly returned and her heart was overcome with love.

We had heard about the amazing kindness of this resident through the Community Manager who was touched deeply seeing the residents care so much for each other.

On a recent trip, we took a “WES” bear and presented the resident who gave the baby doll to her friend. We told her that her loving gesture touched us and we wanted her to know how her love for her friend was spreading.

As she was given the bear, she hugged me and said “As you can tell, I don’t need anything; I have everything I need here with Wesley. I love my friend and I wanted to give her the baby doll to make her happy.”

From loving donations given to The Golden Cross, bingo prizes were purchased. Those prizes enabled a resident to share with her friend. We all are helping to transform lives of the residents in Wesley Living communities.

The ending to this wonderful story, the resident who received the baby doll, named it after the Wesley Community Manager.