Sanctuary, not shelter…

Not too long ago, a social services agency brought an Mr. Jerry to one of the Wesley Living communities.

He literally looked like he had been in a prize fight. With only the clothes on his back and having not eaten for a couple of days, this dear man was escaping abuse and theft at the hands of family members.

He was not seeking shelter, he was desperate for sanctuary. Because of the loving generosity of the army of God’s most generous angels across the Memphis Conference, Golden Cross was able to rush funds to the community to aid this gentleman’s need.

Here is an excerpt of the follow up email sent by the community manager:

“This little man was absolutely speechless when I brought everything to him. We did his move in and I wish you could have seen his face when I handed him the keys to his new home. By the time we were done, it was close to five. I went to the Sonic and got him some super before heading out to Wal-Mart. I assured him I would be back with sheets, blankets, etc. It was about 9:00 PM when I made it back with a vehicle full of supplies. He and I spent the next hour, opening boxes of dishes, pots and pans, putting up groceries and just getting him organized. Before I left I had put the sheets and blankets on his bed and turned the covers back for him. He just could not understand all that had been done for him. I know in my heart when he put his head on that pillow Friday night that there had to be some feeling of relief. He could sleep all night without anyone screaming or hitting him and when he woke up he would have plenty of food to eat.” Mr. Jerry was rushed to the hospital a few days later. It seems the abuse had taken an even greater toll. It all appeared very grave.

Slowly, Mr. Jerry began to get better. He had hope, he had new reasons to live. Mr. Jerry had felt love for the fist time in a very long while. Back in the hospital, he exclaimed he couldn’t wait to get back to his “new’ home.

Golden Cross and you, transforming lives one need at a time!