An Unwanted Tray Table

May 31, 2013
The Story of an Unwanted Tray Table One day we arrived at the Foundation offices to find a box leaning against our door. An anonymous donor had donated a simple tray table. One of our communities took the table as a Bingo prize. Here is what happened next:

From the Wesley Highland Meadows Community Manager:

At the weekly bingo games, we make sure everyone who is playing bingo, will win a regular prize like paper towels, toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and non perishable food items. This is a way we can help supplement the needed items from the grocery store. Winning those items at bingo allows our residents to receive help with dignity. Sometimes our prizes will run short, so our residents can win “Bingo Bucks”.

Once a year at Wesley Highland Meadows, we have a BINGO Auction. It is the highlight of the year for all our bingo players. Throughout the year, we have a few bingo games each week where our residents not only can win every day health & beauty items, but can also win “Bingo Bucks”. Each Bingo Buck has an auction value worth $5.00. Our residents win and save their “Bingo Bucks” throughout the year in anticipation of using them to bid at the Annual Bingo Auction. This year was the best auction we have ever had because of a tray table someone donated. It was dropped off at the front door at the Wesley Senior Ministries Foundation offices. We had two boom box & clock radios, electric can openers, hand mixers, dishes, bath and kitchen towel sets. Our first item up for bid was the tray table.

The bids started at $100.00 in “Bingo Bucks”. So many residents were bidding on the tray, we could hardly stay up with the count, plus some residents were throwing in a little trash talk and then everyone started laughing. We finally sold to the resident who bid everything she had until the tray table went for a whopping $17,000.00 in “Bingo Bucks”.

Who knew an unwanted tray table would bring so much happiness to so many folks?