Love Sewn One Stitch at a Time

For a group of 11 senior crocheters living at Wesley Graceland Gardens, receiving a bag of donated yarn feels like a child receiving their favorite toy on Christmas morning.   The group of ladies called “The Stitch of Love” crochet group meets every Thursday in the community room to work on handmade items using yarn donated to GOLDEN CROSS Senior Residents Fund.  Ms. Belle Artis is one of the instructors of the group began teaching mentally challenged students how to crochet back in Chicago.  When she moved to Wesley Graceland Gardens, she wanted to continue teaching others how to crochet with love one stitch at a time.  Ms. Artis loves to make clothing for stuffed animals and dolls. Every year, this humorous group creates beautifully designed items such as baby blankets and hats, booties, scarves and wraps for others in need.  Ms. Alta Henry enjoys making scarves and hats while Ms. Georgia Clark likes to make clothes including suits and dresses.  Not one strand of yarn is left unused; the creative bunch uses all of the yarn no matter how small to make sure each item is finished with love.  One year they were able to make and donate nearly 1,000 items to a nursing home and another year 80 baby blankets were delicately make and donated to a maternity ward of a hospital.  Ms. Arnethi Brown and Ms. Geraldine Williams enjoy crocheting scarves, hats and blankets while Ms. Ms. Deliah Griffin likes to crochet baby blankets and baby hats. One year the group donated handmade hats to a men’s homeless shelter.  Some of the ladies saw a man wearing a hat they had made later and they said they heart felt full knowing that they were doing something for others.  Ms. Jessie Thomas favorite things to crochet are blankets and scarves while Ms. Patrica Brodnax likes to make blankets.  So far this year, the Stitch of Love group has crocheted and donated baby items as well as other items to a women’s homeless shelter.  Other members of the group include Ms. Daise Williams, LaPaula Turner and Nancy Taylor.  It doesn’t take a lot of talent to crochet the ladies tell me, just a lot of faith and love.  Faith in your ability to do for others and love in the gratification of knowing you are helping.  Taking lap blankets to a nursing home, the Stitch of Love group was talking with a 99 year old woman who mentioned that her favorite color was lime green.  One of the crocheters had one lap blanket left to donate and it was lime green.  A little time had passed and upon returning to the nursing home to donate more handmade items, one of the doctors told the Stitch of Love group that the 99 year old woman had taken her lime green lap blanket with her everywhere.  That blanket and every item the Stitch of Love group at Wesley Graceland Gardens crochets have love sewn in one stitch at a time.  Donations of yarn are greatly appreciated and can be sent to GOLDEN CROSS @ 1615 Appling Road Cordova, TN 38016 and for additional information, please call 901-213-1930 and visit