Kroger Community Awards Program

Be sure and re-register your card each year!

You can link your Kroger Plus Card to Wesley Senior Ministries Foundation dba Golden Cross Senior Ministries. Then every time you shop like normal and use your Plus Card, Golden Cross receives credit. Once a quarter, Kroger tallies all the purchases from Kroger Plus Cards linked to the foundation and issues a check to Golden Cross. And, you don’t lose any of your points!

Here is all you have to do:

Go to, sign up for a Kroger Rewards Account and register your Kroger Plus Card. Enter the Foundation’s NPO #81374.

Then just shop like you would normally do and please remember to swipe your Kroger Plus Card each time you make a purchase. It is that easy! Also please note, you have to renew your commitment to Golden Cross once per year to stay active.



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