****13 in 13 Challenge***

Golden Cross Senior Ministries serves the needs of approximately 2,200 seniors residing in the 29 Wesley Living affordable housing retirement communities in West Tennessee, Jonesboro, AR and Murray, KY. One of our most pressing and rewarding initiatives is our provision of remedies for homeless seniors. For example:

Mr. Thomas suddenly found himself without a place to live. He had been living in a substandard nursing home due to his failing health and disability. The living conditions and care at the nursing home deteriorated to the extent that the state of Tennessee unceremoniously shut it down. One of the state’s Managed Care Organizations knew of Wesley Living’s tenet selection plan preference for seniors presenting as homeless. He now had shelter and little else.

Golden Cross stepped in and provided Mr. Thomas with basic furniture and a Move–In Kit. His shelter was turned into his sanctuary!

A Move-In Kit consists of all the basic household items needed to start a new home and a month’s worth of non-perishable food. A descriptive sheet is attached. Each Move-In Kit costs approximately $350 to produce.

The H.W. Durham Foundation has issued the following challenge grant to Golden Cross. During the next 13 weeks, Durham will match every Move-In Kit donated with a matching Move-In Kit.

When  you, your group or Sunday School class donates a Move-In Kit, 2 homeless seniors are positively impacted.

The 13 in 13 Challenge begins Monday April 23!

Donations may take the form of actual items or a monetary donation of $350.

The match will occur for the first 13 Move-In Kits donated.

Please help turn a homeless senior’s shelter into sanctuary!


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