What good can come from $186?

A significant initiative for Golden Cross Senior Ministries is providing a remedy for senior homelessness. Homeless seniors is a rather new phenomenon that is projected to grow by 505 in the next decade. In 2016 we were able to bless 24 seniors  and turn their new found shelter at a Wesley Living community into sanctuary.

Just yesterday, a “Move In Kit” was delivered to a new resident who had been living behind a row of bushes. Homeless for more that a year and taking shelter at the Union Mission in inclement weather, a benefactor brought him to Wesley Living. A “Move In Kit’ is a carefully selected collection of items needed to start a new home from scratch.

What good is a mere $186? It purchases all the items that make up a “Move In Kit.” And, it produces the kind of reaction received at yesterday’s delivery. The recipient of the delivery beamed with appreciation. He was in awe at how much his life had changed in the last 48 hours. All this happens because of the loving generosity shown to Golden Cross.

This transformation happens because no senior should ever have to travel life’s journey alone!

Here is what a “Move In Kit” looks like and here is how you can participate.

“Move In Kit”

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