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“Why I love Wesley” community video contest

Wesley Living communities participated in a resident only video contest. The goal was for the communities to capture the essence of what makes living in a Wesley community so enjoyable. A panel of judges deliberated for over an hour and selected the video submitted by Wesley Highland Meadows as the winning entry. Congratulations to Highland Meadows!

Highland Meadows will receive the highly coveted “Wesley” trophy and a Foundation sponsored viewing party for their efforts.

Why I Love Wesley winning entry

Kroger Community Awards Program

Be sure and re-register your card each year!

You can link your Kroger Plus Card to the Wesley Senior Ministries Foundation. Then every time you shop like normal and use your Plus Card the Foundation receives credit. Once a quarter, Kroger tallies all the purchases from Kroger Plus Cards linked to the foundation and issues a check. And, you don’t lose any of your points!

Here is all you have to do:

Go to, sign up for a Kroger Rewards Account and register your Kroger Plus Card. Enter the Foundation’s NPO #81374.

Then just shop like you would normally do and please remember to swipe your Kroger Plus Card each time you make a purchase. It is that easy!

“We Believe in Memphis” interview

Many thanks to Maxie Dunnam and Shane Stanford from Christ UMC for the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed on their television program, “We Believe in Memphis”.

“Gifts for Jesus”

Since becoming parents to their two young daughters, the Phelps Family from Collierville UMC wanted to teach their children how to give back to others.  Dustin and Allison recently celebrated their youngest daughter, Molly Kate’s, 2nd birthday. Instead of invited guest bringing presents for the birthday girl, they were asked to bring “Gifts for Jesus” for Golden Cross Senior Residents Fund.

“Gifts for Jesus” is the name the couple came up to help their young children (Georgianne- turning 4 in January and Molly Kate-2) better understand the family tradition of giving back to the community.  Both lifelong Methodist, growing up in the Memphis and Dyersburg Districts, Dustin and Allison wanted to instill in their children the lessons their parents taught them growing up.

“By starting at a young age teaching the girls to give back to others within the community, they will continue to grow in what they already know as they get older”, Allison says.  This year, the family chose Golden Cross as the recipients of the “Gifts for Jesus”.  Party goers were asked to bring paper towels, napkins, toilet paper and Kleenex for the nearly 2,000 senior residents living in 29 Wesley Living communities.  “My heart was overjoyed when the family gave me the donations to give to the residents”, said Kristi Henson Owens, Executive Director of Golden Cross Senior Residents Fund “What a beautiful and powerful message for a family to share with others”.

The family has given “Gifts for Jesus” to many local missions including Bread of Life at Covington First UMC where Dustin’s mother Rev. Grace Phelps is the Minister of Program and Outreach. “We cannot wait until the day that the girls are old enough to deliver the gifts themselves. This is our way of witnessing to others and spreading the word about giving”, Dustin adds.

Phelps Family Phelps Family 2

“How We See The World” Through the eyes of the residents of Wesley at Millington Towers

During a recent resident meeting at Wesley at Millington Towers in Millington Tennessee, Manager Mary Russell introduced the idea of photography to the residents. After reading the idea in a magazine, Mary thought it might be a fun idea for the residents to capture what they thought was beautiful and interesting seen through their eyes.

Golden Cross Senior Residents Fund purchased 12 disposable cameras for Wesley at Millington Towers along with individual photo books and frames. 12 residents received cameras and the only instructions they were given were to take pictures of how they see the world and what moves them.

Ms. Sam’s favorite picture she took was of the farm where she grew up and lived over 84 years ago on Pleasant Ridge Road, Bateman Farm. She loved being able to go back and see the same steps she used to play on as a young girl. Ms. Morgan took a picture of the flags blowing in the wind at Memorial Gardens on Germantown Road.  Her husband and she used to work there and she remembers taking long walks through the peaceful grounds.

Looking through their personal photo books of pictures they took, Mr. Tommy mentions that he liked capturing people doing what they normally do. His favorite picture he took was of the courtyard at Millington Towers, “It is a quiet place to sit in the evening. The residents did a great job with the flowers and it is nice to look at them because I used to do a lot of gardening in my home before I came to Millington Towers.”   The flowers were also a favorite picture spot for Ms. Charlene who filled her album with flowers around the community.

“I am proud of where I live and excited to share the photos I took of where I live with others because I love Wesley at Millington Towers”, Ms. Donna said.   The photo Ms. Jean took reminded her of years gone by.  She took the photography activity as time to spend with her children and grandchildren who helped her take her photos.  Ms. Roselyn loves animals and took all of her photos at “Goat Day” in Millington.  Every time she took a picture, the animal would stop and look right at her.

The residents loved sharing their photographs in their personal photo books with me and with each other. They laughed and shared memories. One photo was picked from each resident’s album to be framed and hung on the wall at Wesley at Millington Towers for all to share and enjoy.

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