Because no senior should ever have to follow life's journey alone!

You are helping transform the lives of seniors, one need at a time!

100% of your contribution to the GOLDEN CROSS Senior Residents Fund goes directly to benefit senior residents served.

Stan “The Man” Bronson

It is with deep regret that Stan’s passing is reported.

Please read his obituary here.

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Because no senior should ever have to travel life’s journey alone!

Mr. Harry, a U.S. veteran,  lost everything in a devastating house fire. Now homeless, he took up temporary housing in VA transitional home. Somehow he found his way to a Wesley Housing Corporation of Memphis community.

An on-site staff member visited Harry to check on how he was faring is his new home. The echo in his apartment was a telltale sign that something was amiss.

This is a picture of Mr. Harry’s bed! Two well-worn crumpled sheets of cardboard and a trash bag filled with newspapers were meant to provide him rest.

This was a perfect opportunity for Golden Cross to fulfill its mission to enhance the quality of living of senior residents of Wesley Housing Corporation of Memphis. Golden Cross turned the generous donations received daily into blessings for Mr. Harry. A new proper bed, chest of drawers, a small dinette and a love seat were delivered to his new home. Fortified with a “Move In Kit” and a month’s worth of non-perishable food, Mr. Harry’s home was quickly transformed from basic shelter into his sanctuary.

That is what you get to be a part of by contributing to Golden Cross, because no senior should ever have to travel life’s journey alone!