Because no senior should ever have to follow life's journey alone!

You are transforming the lives of seniors, one need at a time!

100% of your contribution to the GOLDEN CROSS Senior Residents Fund goes directly to the benefit of the senior residents served.

Please take a moment to read an update on Stan Bronson.

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Ebay is a new way to support Golden Cross!

Support Wesley Senior Ministries Foundation when you shop or sell on eBay thanks to the eBay for Charity program. First, personalize your shopping experience to benefit our organization by making us your Favorite charity on eBay. Next, you will automatically see Wesley Senior Ministries Foundation as your preferred charity in eBay checkout. Last but not least, you can easily sell your used items and donate from 10% to 100% of your sales to benefit us. Not only will we receive 100% of your donation, but eBay will waive your Final Value Fees to the extent you donate…AND you get the tax credit. Visit our charity page today and be part of a growing eBay community that has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of charities.

A heartfelt reaction from a senior served…

Thought you might find this excerpt of a letter from a person you helped with your amazing generosity. This “thank you” will really touch your heart and confirm why assisting our ministry is such a worthwhile endeavor:

“Dear Golden Cross Senior Ministries,

Simple words fail to express the joy in my soul. The kindness, caring and compassion you demonstrate may not be measured in dollars and cents. Thank you, thank you to your patrons, thanks you to all who work for your exceptional organization.

I recently moved into (A Wesley Living Community). I had little food, taking my meals on the floor. A beautiful one bedroom apartment, that was clean as can be. I worried how I was ever going to keep it clean with simply a rag and a bar of soap. My clothes were soiled and needed to be washed.

On September 18th, my doorbell rang and (a Wesley Living staff member) along with my Service Coordinator came bearing food, cleaning supplies and everything imaginable to start my new life…That afternoon a beautiful sofa and dinette set arrived, I was overcome and wept openly. (Much to the dismay of the moving men!)

I thank you for all these gifts. Please be aware, what I realize now, the most important gifts you gave me were a sense of dignity, self-respect and a renewed feeling of hope in what was a new chapter in my life.

Please thank all who give to your ministries. Assure them they are touching the heart and souls of seniors like me. I am a better, kinder, more loving human being than I was before. God bless all of you…”

Thank you all for helping to make this happen!